Don't know where to get a dyslexia test?


If your child isn’t achieving their full potential

If you’re concerned about their progress at school

​If you want to know where to get a dyslexia test

The truth is . . . you are NOT the only person concerned about WHERE to get a dyslexia test?

Luckily, Educational Assessments tests children, adolescents and adults – and we can test YOU.


Every child has learning differences, but they don’t all have the opportunities to discover their strengths. If you find yourself searching for where to get a dyslexia test in Australia, our team of trusted and experienced consultants can help. We have extensive coverage of the South East of Queensland and even conduct home visits too. This way, we can evaluate your child’s learning needs and help them succeed from the comfortable confines of your very own living room. Better still, we don’t just test children. We test children, adolescents and adults – and we can test YOU.  


So, wherever you are in Australia if you’re searching for where to get a dyslexia test, get in touch.


Over several decades, our team have significantly researched dyslexia and various other learning differences. As a result of this, we’re all too aware that it’s disadvantaged individuals who often lose out. That’s why we’re so keen to explore and push forward for more equal recognition in society. Part of the reason why Educational Assessments was formed was in direct response to anyone looking for where to get a dyslexia test. Our team operate from a number of centres across Australia on a mission to help those struggling with aspects of learning and grappling with their capabilities.


No one should feel lost. That’s why we strive to help you find structure.

Seem familiar?

Here are some tell-tale signs of ADHD.

1️⃣ | Is your reading comprehension slower than your peers?

2️⃣ | Did/do you struggle learning how to read when in school?

3️⃣ | Find yourself reading something again to make sense of it?

4️⃣ | Are you at all uncomfortable whenever reading out loud?

5️⃣ | Do you snub, shuffle, or add letters when reading or writing?

6️⃣ | Find your work has spelling mistakes even after Spell Check?

7️⃣ | Any difficulty pronouncing uncommon multi-syllable words?

8️⃣ | Prefer articles or magazines rather than books and novels?

9️⃣ | Is your grasp on learning a foreign language at all difficult?

? | Avoid projects or courses that require extensive reading?


Checked 7 or more of these questions, you might have dyslexia.


Looking for where to get a dyslexia test in Australia? If so, contact Educational Assessments. We carry out cognitive assessments across Australia. These can help isolate and determine whether you or your loved one are struggling with something in particular. Our team also offer home visits to assess your needs in an environment you’re comfortable in.

We’re here for you if you’re looking for where to get a dyslexia test

You might struggle with maths, organisation, coordination or sequencing your thoughts or ideas


If you are concerned you might have dyslexia, it may extend beyond reading, writing and spelling, so it’s best to find where to get a dyslexia test. After all, dyslexia affects 1 in 10 individuals – many of whom remain undiagnosed and receive little or no intervention. Even those diagnosed are likely to struggle with reading or writing at some point in their lives. This hidden disability results in unemployment, difficulty navigating academic environments, and reduced self-confidence.


It’s undoubtedly a condition that remains with individuals throughout their lives.


Yet, just because it does, does not mean it indicates low intelligence. There are plenty of bright and creative individuals with dyslexia. Many of whom never learn to read or write at a level consistent with their intellectual ability. Dyslexia is primarily a language-based learning disability. People with dyslexia tend to struggle with their language skills and find it difficult to pronounce, spell, or write words. Yet, with proper diagnosis, therapy, and treatment, people with dyslexia can still be successful.


A professional diagnosis is essential for putting you on the right track for possible treatments.


If you’re looking for where to get a dyslexia test, look no further. At Education Assessments, we do all that and much more. We help guide people to find their strengths, work on their weaknesses and improve their confidence and self-esteem. You might struggle with maths, organisation, coordination or sequencing your thoughts or ideas. Your eyes might feel strained a lot of the time, or you might struggle to concentrate. But you needn’t “put up with it”. You might go looking for where to get a dyslexia test, but what you’ll end up with will be so much more than just a diagnosis.

Where to Get a Dyslexia Test

Wondering where to get a dyslexia test? Get in touch!

We test children, adolescents, adults, and we can test YOU . . .

At Educational Assessments, our psychologists carry out full cognitive assessments. These provide essential learning and performance data to bolster support for individuals. If you believe that you or a loved one is struggling, get in touch. We have extensive coverage in Australia. Our team of expert consultants conduct home visits to assess you or your child and evaluate the patient’s learning needs to succeed.


We evaluate an extensive range of learning, social and emotional issues. The knowledge gleaned from our assessments and subsequent report permit you to make informed choices. So, if you want to find the best way forwards that’s suited to you or your child’s learning needs, then this is the answer.


Looking for where to get a dyslexia test? We offer clear, jargon-free advice, consistent personal support and offer valuable expertise. So, if you need advice, don’t delay. Simply get in touch today.

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