Learning Difficulties Assessment Brisbane

Learning Difficulties Assessment, Brisbane


If you or your child are struggling, a Learning Difficulties Assessment could be the right course of action. Operating from Helensvale, we’re just a 43 minute drive from Brisbane and are here to help. Before starting, however, you might be unclear about what defines a learning difficulty.

Learning difficulties are conditions that impede an individual’s capacity to learn at the same rate as their peers. If left undiagnosed, these conditions could negatively inhibit day-to-day activities and academic progression. This is typically indicative of the individual’s age and intellectual ability. It is also possible that the individual possesses a combination of several disorders.

The following are the three key learning disorders:

Reading and written expressive disorders:


The inability to use words in day-to-day activities or academic settings.

  • Slow reading speed
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Omission or substitution of words
  • Difficulty identifying single words
  • Problems understanding the order and sounds in words, as well as their rhymes
  • Reversal of words or letters while reading
  • Difficulty decoding syllables or single words (phonics)
  • Difficulties with spelling
  • Limited sight word vocabulary
  • Use legible hand writing and note take
  • Delays in spoken language

Mathematics Disorder (Dyscalculia)


The inability to decode or fathom numbers or mathematical concepts.

  • Trouble with reading, writing, and copying numbers
  • Problems counting and adding numbers, often making simple mistakes
  • Difficulty telling the difference between addition and subtraction
  • Problems understanding math symbols and word problems
  • Unable to line up numbers properly to add, subtract, or multiply
  • Unable to arrange numbers from smallest to largest, or the opposite
  • Unable to understand graphs

Dyspraxia & Verbal Dyspraxia


A dysfunctional neurological issue that inhibits verbal or physical actions (or both). Early intervention can support a child. In most cases, co-ordination and language difficulties can improve.

  • Difficulty writing
  • Speech development difficulties
  • Co-ordination difficulties
  • Poor balance
  • Generalised difficulty when using or engaging in any physical movement process

What can we do?


At Educational Assessments, we offer two varying assessments. Should you need a career tailored or a Dyslexia assessment, we also offer these too. However, the following packages assess all learning disorders, including Dyslexia (reading), Dyscalculia (maths) and written expression.

Package 1


Includes a worldwide recognised comprehensive cognitive assessment. It comprehensive testing includes: vocabulary, verbal reasoning, visual spatial processing, visual problem solving, fluid reasoning, memory and processing speed when assessed using the WISCV. The results indicate how an individual performs in contrast to their age-related peers. This provides comprehensive information to guide intervention support. A full cognitive assessment is important when considering a diagnosis. There are upgrade options available. Package 1 has an optional – advanced clinical battery of assessments (assessments conducted over 2 sessions – clinical upgrade – $280 + travel if applicable).

Package 2


Abbreviated cognitive assessment includes: 2 general subtest score results, verbal abilities, and nonverbal abilities. Both packages 1 & 2 are designed to identify individual strengths and weakness.

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