If you know anyone who is struggling with their education, don’t remain silent. Reach out for an educational assessment at our Melbourne clinic today.


An educational assessment can help refine and improve a student’s learning practices. We will conduct a series of tests to identify the student’s specific learnings style. Then, once we have the data, we can tailor a structured path to alleviate any undue strain. The tests help define the strengths and needs of the student. Through undertaking them, we can help them overcome their unique challenges. These one-to-one educational assessments are conducted at our Melbourne clinic. If you are unable to travel, our team can also make home visits.

Educational Assessment Melbourne


Educational psychologists focus on attributes like attention, behaviour and concentration – all of which influence learning. Motivation is constrained by these principles and can affect how students approach tasks. Through gathering key data – both using behavioural and educational tests – the assessment generates what’s known as an IQ score. These estimations of cognitive ability better help those interested in assisting the student. With it, they can better understand how the student might react in a learning environment. They might even learn to predict their actions and learn to better accommodate them.

In summary, an educational assessment provides . . .


A comprehensive outline of the student’s strengths and needs


Evaluate and understand their key behavioural patterns


Understand whether a student is achieve their learning potential


Alongside other tests, will help diagnose any learning problems

Educational Reports

These reports are conducted after learning ability tests have taken place. They consist of a summarisation of any relevant educational, medical and developmental history. It then delves into what specific tests were administered before outlining the results. Finally, it puts forward a strategy that could enhance the student’s learning ability. This would be for those interested in assisting the student with educational opportunities. These include parents or guardians, teachers, medical professionals, psychologists and more.

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