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Our team use a high profile test to diagnose dyslexia or – as it’s alternatively known – a specific learning disorder impairment in reading. This means we might require more than one session to make the diagnosis because the tests can be quite lengthy. However, a full educational assessment provides us with a lot of information about the way in which you think and your way of reasoning. So, the first part of dyslexia testing near me is simply showing up! We recommend coming at the earliest slot in the morning as it’s when we test your cognitive ability. Cognitive ability has a lot to do with your verbal and non-verbal ability to reason. We try and push you to not use “recent words” and we will also test your working memory.


Then we have a second part of the assessment, which takes place another day.


It doesn’t matter how far away the second part takes place but it should also take place around the same time of day. This way, we can ensure your cognitive ability is as awake as before. This test is where we actually measure learning disabilities. The first part tests your cognitive ability and the second part tests different abilities. Yet, when making a diagnosis, both go hand-in-hand. Your working memory is tested on your first day and the first day of the diagnosis has a lot to do with your achievement. That’s why we do the two assessments at the same time. So, after you’ve been diagnosed with dyslexia, we can produce a qualified and consistent report. This contains the results of both the cognitive assessment and the achievement assessment.


It will also feature graphs so that you can visualise where you fall within the range, in addition to recommendations.

Are you an adult considering dyslexia testing near me?

Here are some often overlooked dyslexic traits in the workplace.

1️⃣ | Terrible at remembering names but can remember a face?

2️⃣ | Ever slip and use the wrong word when speaking or writing?

3️⃣ | Are you a poor speller who relies on spellcheck when writing?

4️⃣ | Do you occasionally use capital letters in the wrong places?

5️⃣ | Ever overreact when making mistakes or have extreme work habits?

6️⃣ | Is there a discrepancy between your writing and what you know or do?

7️⃣ | Rely on others for correspondence in meetings to avoid frustration?

8️⃣ | Are you ever overwhelmed by paperwork or sequential processes?

9️⃣ | Struggle staying on task or estimating how long a job will take?

? | Has your lack of confidence resulted in being overlooked for a promotion?


If you have at least 5 or more of these characteristics, you might have dyslexia.


Looking for dyslexia testing near me in Australia? If so, contact Educational Assessments. We carry out cognitive assessments across Australia. These can help isolate and determine whether you or your loved one are struggling with something in particular. Our team also offer home visits to assess your needs in an environment you’re comfortable in.

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Dyslexia testing near me – a case study

No matter how hard I studied, school was always hard for me; the tests especially.

“I remember I always feared – and dreamed about – how there was no time for me to finish a test. I’d finish the front side, and then *poof* the time was up, but when I turned it over, there was ANOTHER side of another assignment. I was just so scared.”

My name is Lucia Alesya. I’m 22 years old. I study business management and will be evaluated for learning and attention issues. The first time I experienced that word – dyslexia – I was talking to my housemates in the kitchen. They were asking whether I’d read a particular book. I wanted to read, but I just somehow couldn’t, and they were curious and kept pressing me. Eventually, they suggested I might have dyslexia. I was shocked because, first of all, I didn’t know that word. So, I headed to my room and Googled the term.


Google informed me that dyslexic individuals find it hard to read – and that was definitely me. And they read slow, which was definitely me. And sometimes they confuse left and right. Which I do all the time! So, I wanted to make sure I had dyslexia. I struggled for a long time and had no answers. So, I searched for dyslexia near me and was all set for an evaluation. I was very nervous.

Dislexia Testing

“The thing that strikes me the most about Lucia is that she is a young woman who really wants to find answers. She wants to know why she learns this way, why she has trouble in certain areas, why it seems so much harder for her than it does for other people. And the relief will come in just finding answers to understanding who she is. Adults are different to children in the evaluation process. In some ways, they’re motivated, but they’re also oftentimes more anxious. They’ve struggled with something for a very long time.”

Assessor, Educational Assessments

“Lucia’s experiencing issues with reading and maths and written expression, so we’ll do a lot of tests to do with writing, reading and maths. We’ll also test her planning and organisation. So all those things will be part of the evaluation, and – depending on how she does today – will depend on what kind of tests we’ll use. We’ll make decisions throughout the testing on whether we need to do a little more of this or a little less of that.”

Assessor, Educational Assessments

Our assessor: "So what do you hope to get out of the evaluation today?"

I want to know if I have it. If I have, then everything makes sense.

Lucia: "Okay, so what's the verdict on dyslexia testing near me?"

So, I think, you’ll have found that you had fun with a lot of it, and some of it you didn’t, but that it was okay as the hard part was over faster than you thought. Now, when you came to me wondering if you had a learning issue – you were correct. You do have dyslexia. More surprisingly, your evaluation indicates that you also have attention issues. To impair you to this degree, we would also stipulate a diagnosis of ADHD. One of the things the test results show is that you actually have a very good ability in maths. However, some of your other challenges show why you sometimes feel as though maths is a struggle for you.

Our assessor: "Do the results of our assessment surprise you?"

It surprised me a lot! I feel relieved. It’s something that I expected. It just – well – I have dyslexia, that’s why my brain works differently than other people.

“Having seen the test data myself, it makes Lucia’s story all the more poignant for me to hear and think about. She was searching for something that could have been answered a long time ago or a problem that could have been answered a long time ago.”

Educational Assessments’ Assessor

Lucia: "Are there any recommendations on what I should improve?"

I think one of the first things to do is just to take all this in for a while and consider any of my recommendations to be like a toolbox. Now, when you use a toolbox, you don’t take every tool out of the toolbox for everything – do you? Therefore, what I would suggest, is thinking about how soon you want to do some strategies for reading. Once you’re there, we can talk to you about getting support in that area of reading fluency. Also, consider when you want to accommodate your working memory issues and executive function issues, and we can put that into place for you too. Part of it is up to you. Yet, because you are a young adult, we don’t have to worry about that until the next school year. You can really think about what you want to be more successful in your future career prospects, or what would allow you to be happier in life.

Our assessor "Now you know the results, how do you feel?"

I felt relieved when I entered the room and heard the result. Now I have an answer. My plan is to return home and open my own business one day. I’m really happy to share the news I have dyslexia. I’m going to tell my mother, my father, my sister, that that’s why I was always struggling in school. I doubt they even know what dyslexia is! More importantly for me, this diagnosis will help me understand myself better. Awareness is key. So, just knowing who you are, makes things better already.

“The most important thing we can learn from Lucia’s story is not to wait so long for dyslexia testing near me. The risks of not getting an evaluation are pretty significant. I’ve heard kids describe it as if they’re always walking uphill with a backpack strapped to their back, and everyone else is running downhill. These kids had always felt as though they were not as good as someone else. Their parents were afraid to seek the evaluation. They were afraid that the evaluation will lead their child to feel worse rather than better. Yet, it’s extremely helpful to get answers to why you’re struggling. It’s never too late to get support to accommodate any issues that you’ve experienced throughout your life. Being able to understand oneself better will help you grow and move forward.”

Educational Assessments’ Assessor

Dislexia Testing

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