Testing Dyslexia 

Dyslexia is a sensory perception disorder that affects the ability to decode information. Due to its nature, it can greatly impede an individual’s capacity to learn at the same rate as their peers. Unfortunately, it can be a lifelong challenge. The sooner we diagnose dyslexia, the sooner you have access to much-needed support. If you believe that you or a loved one has dyslexia, contact Educational Assessments. Our specialists offer dyslexia tests in Melbourne. A diagnosis could ease your struggle and provide you with additional support.


The impact of dyslexia is far-flung. It can affect the obvious ones – like reading, writing and spelling – but it can have a big impact on self-confidence too. Our registered test is the first step to easing the impact of dyslexia. Plenty of people go undiagnosed, despite dealing with dyslexia on a day-to-day basis. It’s often the case that individual’s with the disorder tend to develop coping strategies. In doing this, they reinterpret how to read, write, listen and plan throughout their lives. This isn’t always as easy for some, however, and the struggle can feel endless. Some may not even realise they have an impairment and will do the best with what they have. Others may want to reach out and seek help but fear the judgement of doing so.

Symptoms of Dyslexia


Auditory Processing Confusion


Confusion with Left and Right


Confusion Regarding Orientation of Letters or Numbers


Difficulty Arranging Letters or Numbers


Difficulty Spelling


Hampered Reading Comprehension


Impaired Memory


Organisational Inhibitions

Dyslexia Test Melbourne

What can Educational Assessments do?

At our Melbourne clinic, our registered psychologists can test an individual’s cognitive abilities. In doing so, we can identify whether there are any sensory perceptual differences. These dyslexic traits lead to variances in performance when compared to their peers. By testing dyslexia at an early age, you can adapt your child’s learning environment. This will better accommodate their cognitive understanding and greatly benefit their future prospects.

Overcoming dyslexia

Dyslexic individuals perceive information differently to their peers. However, through innovative visual and experiential learning styles, dyslexia can be dealt with. These styles can minimise the negative impact commonly developed through conventional methods. Through adaption, dyslexic individuals have succeeded in their education and their careers too. In fact, some of the most talented and gifted individuals in the world have dyslexia.

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If you’re feeling unsure, our specialists will be able to provide the answers. Educational Assessments offer four packages and one advanced clinical assessment. The first three packages assess all learning disorders, including dyslexia. We also offer a variety of other services and test both children and adults. These are undertaken in our designated facilities across Australia, including Melbourne. Our qualified team of consultants also conduct home tests too. We are an impartial service who is here to help. Please don’t be afraid to reach out and get in touch.