A Dyslexia Assessment in Perth Makes All the Difference

Provide the individual, teachers and caregivers with valuable information. 


Not all children flourish socially, emotionally or developmentally. Despite being given the same instructions as their peers, some children struggle with facets of reading, spelling and more. It’s an oddity that puzzles both teachers and parents alike and yet – quite often – it’s something remarkably simple. According to the Australian Dyslexia Association, an estimated 10% of the Australian population struggle with dyslexia. This figure is believed to be considerably higher too as many Australians are left unidentified. In fact, in other English-speaking countries – like the UK and the USA – the figures are estimated to be over 20%! Therefore, it is vital that dyslexia is identified as quickly as possible. Why? Because a dyslexia assessment in Perth will provide the individual, their teachers and caregivers with valuable information. Information that could help the individual’s development.


With structured intervention, assistance at school and a supportive home environment, dyslexic children can go on to lead highly successful lives.


Despite dyslexia being an incurable condition, it is not a disease and it is not without hope! In its simplest form, it is a persistent difficulty with reading, spelling and writing. However, dyslexia can range from mild to severe – with no two cases being the same. If we were to get technical, dyslexia is a neurobiological condition. One where individuals struggle decoding and converting letters and symbols phonetically and textually. How the brain processes this can prove exceptionally frustrating for the individual in question. Worse still, it can take a great deal of concentration to complete what others might deem as rudimentary tasks. However, dyslexia does have its benefits which can be outlined in our very own dyslexia assessment in Perth. Some of these might pertain to increased problem solving, creative thinking and verbal capabilities – to name a few.

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Seem familiar?

Here are some tell-tale signs of dyslexia.


Poor reading and writing fluency


Difficulties writing in a structured manner


Pronounced working memory difficulties


Disorganisation and difficulties with planning


Slow to complete literacy-based tasks


Significant discrepancy between verbal

If you think that either you or your child might exhibit symptoms, contact Educational Assessments. We carry out dyslexia testing across Australia and can help determine whether you meet the diagnostic criteria. Our team also offer home visits too. All so we can assess you and your child’s learning needs in an environment they’re comfortable in.

How We Do a Dyslexia Assessment in Perth

Understanding dyslexia requires thorough teaching methodologies.


At Educational Assessments, we provide a thorough dyslexia assessment in Perth. Our role includes supporting and advising students, adults and families. We also indirectly support the individual through the support and advice provided at school or employment level. When left undiagnosed, dyslexia can be a difficult trial. In spite of retaining strong intellectual skills, children can become frustrated and disappointed. We’ve listed some of the tell-tale signs above. There are more, however, and – whilst dyslexia might be incurable – it is not without hope. If you think you or a member of your family might be struggling, please reach out. Understanding dyslexia requires thorough teaching methodologies in reading and spelling. Sadly, identification most often taking place in classrooms, dyslexia can still be overlooked. If you believe that your child’s development and acquisition of both the oral and written language is lacking, take a step back. They could benefit from a thorough dyslexia assessment in Perth.

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At Educational Assessments, our psychologists are able to carry out full cognitive assessments. These provide essential learning and performance data, with an aim to bolster support. If you believe that you or a loved one is struggling, get in touch. We have extensive coverage across Australia. Our team of expert consultants conduct home visits to assess you or your child and evaluate the patient’s learning needs to succeed.


Our assessments evaluate an extensive range of learning, social and emotional issues. The knowledge gleaned from the assessment and report will allow you to make informed choices. These will offer up the best way forwards to suit you or your child’s learning needs.


We offer clear jargon-free advice, consistent personal support and the full value of our expertise. If you or a loved one are in need of advice, don’t delay. Simply get in touch below.

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