Dyslexia can go undiagnosed for years. Both children and adults struggle with dyslexia on a day-to-day basis. They may want to reach out and seek help but may find the potential judgement of doing so stressful. Dyslexia is not only a frustrating disorder by its very nature, some regard it as stigmatic. For Educational Assessments, it’s important that our client’s don’t feel that’s the case. We want them to feel comfortable and know they’re in professional and impartial company.

Educational Assessments offer a variety of services, including dyslexia assessments. We cover an extensive area of the South East of Queensland. We also have designated operational facilities in Melbourne too. Our qualified team of consultants can also conduct home visits to assess you or your child. They can evaluate the individual’s current learning skills and recommend help.

We provide consultations in the following fields:


Psychological Assessment – Cognitive Assessment – Academic Assessment – Learning disorder & clinical assessments,

including Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyscalculia, written expression disorder, and ASD

Studies suggest that almost 10% of children have a form of dyslexia (Reid, 2009). Left undiagnosed, this could implicate the future of your child’s life. However, assessments can uncover a range of underlying emotional, learning and social issues. The transferal of such information to schools could help adapt to fit your child’s needs. Metrics gleaned from an assessment provide informed decisions for the client’s needs. Dyslexia assessments can open the door to further help and assistance. If we identify an underlying disorder, we will provide a referral letter. Our referrals offer suggestions to adapt your home and can also go to workplaces.

Prior to paid help, we recommend you ask your child’s educational provider to conduct some tests. This can estimate your child’s age group and ability for reading, writing, spelling and maths. This way, we can save you our service fee and not put your child through any worry.

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