Learn how to navigate dyslexia 


If you live in Canberra and are seeking a Dyslexia Assessment for you or your child, we can help. Bar the initial quote for the cognitive assessment and report, there are no hidden costs. If a client meets the criteria, we will include a diagnosis on their report. Our registered psychologists will go beyond the strengths and weaknesses of the diagnosis. They will establish how the client can best navigate their learning difficulty in future.

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Some common symptoms in children and adults are

Comprehend verbal information but have difficulty processing words – Find following directions difficult – Impaired

reading and writing skills – Mirror the letters within a word (Confusing “p” for “q”) – Scramble the arrangement of letters

within a word – Scramble the order of words – Struggle with organisational planning –

The build-up of these errors cause inconsistencies in spelling

Educational Assessments offer one advanced clinical assessment and four assessment packages. The first three packages assess all learning disorders, including Dyslexia. The fourth package is for a re-assessment of Dyslexia and is not suitable for an initial diagnosis. From our centre in Canberra, we can assess and diagnose both children and adults.

Educational Assessments supply the following reports

Educational Reports

Useful for: parents, teachers, medical professionals, psychologists and any other relevant professionals working towards the educational outcomes for the student

Career & Work Reports

Useful for: public and private industries requiring standardised recruitment profile tests. Testing data allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses in an employee.

Court Reports

Useful for: barristers, child safety services, legal advocacy teams, solicitors and private entities. Admissible in court, they can validate or discredit a legal argument.