Here’s why it’s worth acting early and getting a dyslexia assessment Brisbane

Our team provide the potential to initiate a chain reaction that will shift your related behaviours.


Are you familiar with the domino effect? It’s as earnest as it sounds. One domino strikes another, leading to a chain reaction. In early learning and beyond, dyslexia (pronounced: dis-LEK-see-uh) significantly hampered an individual’s abilities . . . or it could radically elevate their status. Plenty of iconic figures had dyslexia. Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg . . . yet these people succeeded thanks to rigorous preparation and perseverance. Preparation is the key to how your dominos fall. Perseverance is committing to the course of direction. So do you want to achieve the best standing in life? Are you looking for a dyslexia assessment, Brisbane? Then look no more.


At Educational Assessments, we offer just that. Our team of expert consultants provide the potential for change. We can provide you with coping strategies that will help you make a change to your behaviour. Such changes can initiate a chain reaction that will help shift your related behaviours too. However, we must stress that we’re not miracle workers. Dyslexia is a lifelong problem that can present challenges on a daily basis. Whilst it is a common learning disability, it’s inherently debilitating. The individuals typically have problems processing reading, writing and spelling. Yet, it’s not all doom and gloom. Many positives come from getting a dyslexia assessment, Brisbane.

Seem familiar?

Here are some tell-tale signs of dyslexia.


Read and write very slowly


Confuse the order of words


Poor or inconsistent spelling


Struggle with organisation


Complain of moving text


Typically spell phonetically

Looking for a dyslexia assessment, Brisbane? If so, contact Educational Assessments. We carry out cognitive assessments across Australia. These can help isolate and determine whether you or your loved one are struggling with something in particular. Our team also offer home visits to assess your needs in an environment you’re comfortable in.

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Here are the positives to getting a dyslexia assessment Brisbane

We want to champion the positives and dyslexic individuals can see the bigger picture!


Dyslexic individuals tend to see things more holistically. Whilst they find it hard to focus on the finer details – like words – their peripheral vision is sharper. This inherently allows them to see the bigger picture. Yet, it’s important to note that dyslexic individuals don’t have a set range of hidden gifts. However, we want to champion the positives! Those with dyslexia can connect complex systems and find context through association. Dyslexia prompts more strategic and creative thinking that can offer a significant advantage. They are renowned for having sudden insight and can solve problems via unorthodox approaches. Why? How? Because they think outside the box, don’t get caught up in the nitty-gritty details and see the bigger picture! Better yet, this intuitive approach can be appropriated to your benefit with a dyslexia assessment, Brisbane.


A dyslexia assessment in Brisbane identifies known dyslexic traits that affect people on a daily basis. Yet, before the subject is even approached, preliminary info is garnered via parents and teachers. Our consultants use this to understand the educational opportunities already provided. In addition to this, the subject’s development is brought into question. We then run tests to identify the individual’s strengths and weaknesses to outline a road map for intervention. Finally, once a dyslexia assessment is undertaken in Brisbane, the real work can begin. Remember, our inherent behaviours are interconnected. You can never change just one behaviour as others will shift under the weight of your intervention. This domino effect can be both a force for positivity and negativity change. It’s our job to line you up in the right direction. It’s yours to find the motivation to persevere with the findings.

Dyslexia Assessment Brisbane

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At Educational Assessments, our psychologists carry out full cognitive assessments. These provide essential learning and performance data to bolster support for individuals. If you believe that you or a loved one is struggling, get in touch. We have extensive coverage in Australia. Our team of expert consultants conduct home visits to assess you or your child and evaluate the patient’s learning needs to succeed.


We evaluate an extensive range of learning, social and emotional issues. The knowledge gleaned from our assessments and subsequent report permit you to make informed choices. So, if you want to find the best way forwards that’s suited to you or your child’s learning needs, then this is the answer.


Looking for a dyslexia assessment, Brisbane? We offer clear, jargon-free advice, consistent personal support and our valuable expertise. So, if you need advice, don’t delay. Simply get in touch today.

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