At Educational Assessments, our educational psychologists carry out full cognitive assessments. These cover a variety of language and visual-spatial skills – including dysgraphia assessments at our Perth clinic. We recommend that children in their early primary years are prioritised for testing. This is simply because dysgraphia requires an inordinate amount of time and support.

Dysgraphia refers to those with severe problems developing skills associated with written expression. This is in spite of their intelligence and ability. Those with the disorder will have trouble with spelling, clarity and accuracy – specifically when it comes to handwriting. Generally, dysgraphia can be broken down into two subcategories:

Motor-based Dysgraphia


This affects the physical aspects of handwriting – such as grip, control and the exertion of pressure on a pen or pencil. It can also impact letter formation and turn what should be a simple task into a genuine trial.

Language-based Dysgraphia


This affects the formulation and processing of ideas when it comes to writing. Processing is the issue here as the student might have difficulty making sense of what they see or hear. Yet conversely, they often have little difficulty in expressing themselves verbally.

Common Dysgraphia Difficulties


Abnormal and irregular formation, spacing and sizing of letters on the same line Reduced motor control and slow writing skills


Incomprehensible writing that deteriorates during long handwriting tasks


Mixture of capital and lower case letters on the same line


Poor handwriting can impact on creative thinking and the flow of ideas


Problems with motor memory may cause substitution of letters that have similar movements e.g. d/b or p/9

In both cases, the content of their written work is often below the level expected for their age. Dysgraphia can have an immobilising effect. Those afflicted with the disorder to become frustrated by their writing experience. To allay this, an educational assessment targeting dysgraphia can be undertaken at our Perth clinic. An essential component of which tests a student’s personal strengths and needs. They also rule out other difficulties, like language or behavioural disorders, and assign them an IQ score. Through assessments at our Perth clinic, we can make an appropriate diagnosis.

Dysgraphia Assessment Perth

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