Child Autism Test, Cairns

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At Educational Assessments, we can carry out autism tests for your child at our clinic in Cairns. However, if it’s more convenient, our consultants can conduct home visits. This way, we can test your child’s learning needs in an environment they’re comfortable in.

If you believe your child might have autism, we strongly suggest reaching out and talking. Whilst it’s important for your child, it’s also important that you’re not alone. Speak to your friends, family and your child’s teachers. Seek professional advice. An autism diagnosis can better assist your child and provide them with stability. This is crucial in supporting their education and future business opportunities. With the correct support, autistic children can live happy and healthy lives. Children with autism view the world in a unique way and can cultivate unique skillsets.

Seek help for your child. Our consultants in Cairns carry out autism tests that can prepare them for successful lives. A diagnosis can help your child’s education and help them tackle everyday situations. Educational Assessments have years of experience in assessing children. We endeavour to support their learning needs and help them achieve educational goals.

What occurs in a child autism test?

At our Cairns clinic, we’ll study your child and how they interact with other people. We’ll also ask about any problems your child might be experiencing. Once we’ve undertaken our one2one study, we will conduct external talks. This involves talking to people your child knows, such as friends, family or teachers.

Key Signs of Autism in Young Children


Avoidance of eye contact


Non-responsive to their name


Non-responsive to returning a smile


Significant negative reactions to certain tastes, smells or sounds


Repetitive movements


Not as responsive or talkative as other children


Repeat the same phrases

graph showing qualities of children who potentially need autism assessment in melbourne

How do I get my child an Autism Test in Cairns?

We have clinics across Australia. If it’s more convenient for you and your child, we can even arrange home visits. To learn more, please give us a call on 07 5573 5150 or use our contact form below. For pricing, see our learning disorder packages here.