Autism Assessment in Melbourne

An early diagnosis when you suspect your child has autism can help them be supported with the help that they need to succeed in their education and business opportunities during adult hood. Children with autism can do very well at school with the right support, which is why it is so important for people around them to understand that people with Autism may view the world in a different way and because of this can obtain a unique skill set.

Getting your child an autism assessment in Melbourne will help them prepare for a successful life in Education and every day situations. Educational Assessments have many years’ experience in assessing children on their educational needs and how to help them achieve educational goals.



How can Educational Assessments help?

Educational Assessments main goal is to help children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and their parents determine their best style of learning. All children learn differently so it is important to identify your child own methods and strengths especially with a learning disorder. This will give them the biggest chance to succeed.



What are the signs of Autism?

Every child on the autistic spectrum is different and some show more obvious autistic qualities than others. Take a look at the diagram below – does the aspects shown relate to how your child behaves?


graph showing qualities of children who potentially need autism assessment in melbourne



There is plenty more to read about autism here on our website, be sure to have a look.



How do I get myself or my child an Autism Assessment in Melbourne?

We have clinics across Australia and can even arrange home visits if convenient, – to learn more please give us a call on 07 5573 5150 or use our contact form below. See our learning disorder price packages here.