Why Get an Auditory Processing Assessment in Brisbane?

If you suspect you might be suffering from impaired processing, we recommend seeking help if you are in the area.


Noise is at the epicentre of our everyday environment. It’s one of the most basic ways in which we communicate and make sense of the world around us. Now envisage a world without it. If so, you can imagine how unsettling it might be for those who experience issues with listening, memorising or recollecting. Inconsistencies with audio reception can lead to strife for both the individual in question and those around them. If there’s even the slightest background noise then the individual might find it difficult to process immediate sounds. This could lead to inattentiveness and an inability to concentrate. In turn, this could ultimately have a sizeable impact on their academic ability. So, no matter whether you are concerned about your own hearing or that of your child’s, get in touch. Our educational psychologists are ready to undertake an auditory processing assessment in Brisbane.


Sorry, auditory processing?


In its simplest form, auditory processing is how the brain processes and interprets the sounds that are fed to it. Should you suspect something is affecting this process of interpretation seek help. If you are in the area, our experts recommend undertaking an auditory processing assessment in Brisbane. It could well be that you or a loved one are suffering in silence with an auditory processing disorder (APD). Contrary to popular belief, deafness does not account for an APD. In fact, individuals rarely have impaired hearing. Yes, you read that right! APD has little to do with the ears or receptors themselves and more to do with the brain or processor. However, much like dyslexic individuals, children with APD tend to exhibit standard intelligence. Again, like those with dyslexia, their brains are beset by a range of obstacles that everyday folk seldom encounters.

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Seem familiar?

Here are some tell-tale signs of auditory processing disorders.


Appears to be listening but not hearing


Often mistakes two similar-sounding words


Finds it difficult to follow conversations


Frequently requests people repeat themselves


Has difficulty hearing in noisy environments


Struggles to clearly express themselves

If you think that either you or your child might exhibit symptoms, contact Educational Assessments. We carry out auditory processing assessments across Brisbane and can help determine whether you meet the diagnostic criteria. Our team also offer home visits too. All so we can assess you and your child’s needs in an environment they’re comfortable in.

How an Auditory Processing Assessment in Brisbane Might Help You Hear Clearly

Should APD be identified, our educational psychologists will suggest suitable coping strategies.


Firstly, APD is not curable. Yet it is treatable through speech therapy, specific literary intervention and stimulation programmes. Our educational psychologists might employ these during an auditory processing assessment in Brisbane. For this, you would benefit from either Package 1 or the Advanced Clinical Package – both of which assess the auditory working memory. First and foremost, we ask that before attending your appointment that you and your child are of sound health. The last thing any of us want is to spread something during your auditory processing assessment in Brisbane! For hygiene’s sake, we also ask that the individual’s ears be freshly cleaned. Research has indicated that repeated ear infections in the individual’s early years might contribute to APD. It is estimated that with each ear infection, the ability to hear – and therefore process sounds – from that ear is affected for up to six weeks. Therefore, our educational psychologists need to rule out whether the ears are the cause. Also, if you have any relevant referrals or reports from doctors or teachers these can only serve to help the individual’s assessment. The same can be said of any hearing test. However, a brief hearing screening will be performed as part of the auditory processing assessment in Brisbane.


Once the assessment has been carried out, we will provide thorough feedback regarding the test results. Should APD be identified, our educational psychologists will be able to suggest suitable coping strategies. For example, supporting oral instructions with visuals or simply avoiding noisy distractions. Should these not work, the individual might require something known as a Personal FM Sound System. This has been proven to improve affected students’ learning environment. The device makes the speakers’ voice comparatively louder (on average, by 17db more). This can make for effortless and concise hearing.

Auditory Processing Assessment in Brisbane

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