Who knows about adult ADHD in Brisbane?

No two adults with ADHD are the same – certainly not in Brisbane.


Many people have heard of ADHD. It’s indicative of persistent problems and can cause significant problems in a child’s life. Their inattentive or hyperactive and impulsive behaviour might make them underachieve in school. It might also lead to inadequate discipline and diminished social interactions with others. However, whilst many of us assume ADHD was left behind on the playground, adults can also have ADHD – even right here in Brisbane! In the vast majority of cases, symptoms of childhood ADHD do not magically disappear – they alter. Children “outgrow” the disorder, with these symptoms lessening as the pre-frontal cortex matures. Adults tend to exert more self-control, and hyperactivity symptoms diminish with age. However, they might manifest as fidgeting or other small movements. If you think you might have adult ADHD, an adult ADHD Brisbane specialist can help.


Approximately 30-60% of children diagnosed with ADHD continue to be affected into adulthood. Typically, those diagnosed will have received and actively worked through a treatment plan. However, some individuals slip through the cracks, and when they do, they need an adult ADHD Brisbane specialist. A minimum of approximately 4% of undiagnosed adults are estimated to have ADHD. Yet, no two adults with ADHD are the same – certainly not in Brisbane. If you have ADHD you might actively look for stimulation, whereas others avoid it. This can lead to deviations on the social strata as some adults become withdrawn and antisocial. Whereas, others are outgoing and actively social. To make matters more difficult, adult ADHD symptoms might overlap with other disorders. Plus, there’s no cure for adult ADHD, so your Brisbane educational psychologist will have to tailor a treatment plan just for you. We’ll examine just how that can benefit you in the following area.

Seem familiar?

Here are some tell-tale signs of ADHD.


Blurts out responses and often interrupting others


Continual forgetfulness, leading to misplacing things


Extreme impatience and inability to deal with stress


Mood swings, irritability and a quick temper


Poor organisational skills/inability to focus and prioritise


Skewed concentration and lack of attention to detail

Looking for someone who can diagnose adult ADHD in Brisbane? If so, contact Educational Assessments. We carry out cognitive assessments across Australia. These can help isolate and determine whether you or your loved one are struggling with something in particular. Our team also offer home visits to assess your needs in an environment you’re comfortable in.

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How is adult ADHD in Brisbane diagnosed and treated

Our educational psychologists will carry out a full cognitive assessment.


Attention deficit disorder is a genetic predisposition that tends to run in families. When our adult ADHD Brisbane specialists approach your diagnosis, we request that you talk to your parents. Ask if they recall whether you had any symptoms during your childhood. Plus, through engaging them, you can also ask whether anyone else in your family has ADHD. When tracing family histories, relatives who were always getting into trouble at school may well have had ADHD. ADHD is a pervasive disorder which means that children have the disorder for life. As children mature, the symptom severity may appear less pronounced. This may be due to maturity and hormonal stability. However, it can also result in individuals learning to adapt to their environment and developing coping strategies. Rather than thinking of adult ADHD as a disorder, perhaps we should think of it as being different.


At Educational Assessments, our adult ADHD Brisbane specialists have experience helping treat ADHD. Whilst our expert consultants are unable to agree on an age that you can first diagnose ADHD, we do agree that people don’t develop it as an adult. This is why when you seek out one of our adult ADHD Brisbane specialists, we will ask about your behaviour and any symptoms that you may have had as a child. As part of our educational assessment, we might request looking into your old school reports. We’ll chiefly investigate whether any comments indicate any notable ADHD symptoms. With any assessment, we must establish the most accurate diagnosis and find out why an individual is struggling. Our adult ADHD Brisbane educational psychologist will carry out a full cognitive assessment. This is recognised worldwide, and its results indicate:


  • Performance in contrast to their peers
  • Whether they have evenly developed skills
  • Learning performance strengths and weaknesses


An educational psychologist or one of our expert consultants must carry out your assessment. This is because people with ADHD often face other conditions, too. For example, you might also have a learning disability, anxiety, depression or another mood disorder. Knowing the whole picture ensures you get the best intervention support, whether it’s medicine, therapy or education. Regardless, we need to implement some treatment plans and coping strategies. Together, these can make your day-to-day life just that little bit easier and leave you feeling better about your diagnosis. If you want to take the next step, reach out to Educational Assessments today.

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At Educational Assessments, our psychologists carry out full cognitive assessments. These provide essential learning and performance data to bolster support for individuals. If you believe that you or a loved one is struggling, get in touch. We have extensive coverage in Australia. Our team of expert consultants conduct home visits to assess you or your child and evaluate the patient’s learning needs to succeed.


We evaluate an extensive range of learning, social and emotional issues. The knowledge gleaned from our assessments and subsequent report permit you to make informed choices. So, if you want to find the best way forwards that’s suited to you or your child’s learning needs, then this is the answer.


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