The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)

It is important to recognise that individuals with Autism may view the world differently. Within this context, they might possess unique skillsets.


The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) is an instrument used for diagnosing autism. Much like its predecessor, the ADOS-2 operates in a similar way. However, the ADOS-2 features updated content and improved algorithms. These originate from the world’s leading Autism experts, Western Psychological Services (WPS). In doing so, the latest iteration offers a more robust and accurate assessment. This can diagnose autism spectrum disorders across age, developmental level and language skills.


WPS is known worldwide for industry-leading autism assessments and innovative sensory processing measures.

What are the signs of Autism?

High functioning individuals with Autism can succeed at school and at business.


Every individual on the autistic spectrum is unique. Although some show more obvious autistic qualities than others. For some, Autism can debilitate social interaction, communication and interpersonal skills. They might also find it strenuous when it comes to taking care of themselves. Early diagnosis and intervention using the ADOS-2 can provide children with the support they need.


Take a look at the diagram below – are the actions shown indicative of you or your child’s behaviour?

graph showing qualities of children who potentially need autism assessment in melbourne


The evaluated individual is only given one module – selected on the basis of their expressive language level and chronological age.


Released by WPS in 2012, the ADOS-2 is broken down into 5 separate modules. Each module requires just 40-60 minutes to administer.


Toddler Module

For children between 12-30 months who use little or no phrase speech.


Module #1

For children 31 months or older who do not consistently use phrase speech.


Module #2

For children of any age that use phrase speech but do not speak fluently.


Module #3

For verbally fluent children and young adolescents.


Module #4

For adolescents and adults who are verbally fluent.

Educational Assessments ADOS-2

Educational, Work & Career Assessments.


Here at Educational Assessments, our main goal is to help children with Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia. This way, we can help their parents determine a more suitable style of learning for them that will give them the biggest chance to succeed in life. All children learn differently, so it is crucial we identify your children’s own methods and strengths. This is especially pertinent when dealing with a learning disorder. With any assessment, it’s important to establish the most accurate diagnosis, and find out why the individual is struggling.


ADOS-2 is a semi-structured, standardised assessment. It covers communication, social interaction, play and restricted and repetitive behaviours. Our clinical psychologists are well-versed in the applications of using this assessment. The ADOS-2 provides a highly accurate picture of current symptoms, unaffected by language. We’re constantly learning from our clients – about their potential disorders, their skills, talents and terminology. What we try to explain to you should be as easily understood as a normal human conversation. Our team make every effort to explain, show, and clarify anything we discuss with you. If we don’t do this well, then by all means please stop us in the middle of a sentence and we’ll start over.

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Our assessments evaluate an extensive range of learning, social and emotional issues. The knowledge gleaned from the assessment and report will allow you to make informed choices. These will offer up the best way forwards to suit you or your child’s learning needs.


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