Why Should Get an ADHD Assessment Melbourne?

Otherwise, it might implicate your child’s social standing, job performance, marital satisfaction and more.


Time and time again, Melbourne has featured as one of the world’s best cities to live in. Offering world-class study options, services and a wide range of things to do, it’s no wonder it’s taken the crown. This is mostly thanks to the city’s healthcare, culture and environment. Yet, its education system is the big draw. After all, Melbourne’s multicultural infrastructure was christened the third best student city in the world! Sadly, this might be irrelevant for those with undiagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Criminal activity and poor academic performance are just some of the behaviours associated with ADHD. However, an ADHD assessment Melbourne could be the difference between stagnation and progression.


Should you opt against an ADHD assessment Melbourne, your child might not learn typical impulse control. This, coupled with poor social skills and the inability to emotionally regulate can lead to an undesirable future. For example, untreated ADHD can cause poor results in school that can cause them to fall behind the curve. Such an impingement have left some feeling as though they were perpetually unable to catch up. Later on in life, it could also implicate their social standing, job performance, marital satisfaction and more. In addition to this, those with ADHD are typically more prone to use and abuse alcohol and illegal drugs, leading to time behind bars. However, children who undergo an ADHD assessment Melbourne, have the aptitude to slow down and engage in therapy. The actions of which, allows the individual to learn critical skills and coping strategies. These allow them to manage and self-regulate their ADHD as they progress into adulthood.

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Seem familiar?

Here are some tell-tale signs to get an ADHD Assessment Melbourne.


Avoids tasks requiring sustained concentration


Chronic disorganisation and listening


Significant challenges with time management


Restless behaviour, e.g. Can’t. Sit. Still.


Excessively talks or interrupts


Is easily distracted when disinterested

Looking for an ADHD Assessment Melbourne? If so, contact Educational Assessments. We carry out auditory processing assessments across Brisbane and can help determine whether you meet the diagnostic criteria. Our team also offer home visits too. All so we can assess you and your child’s needs in an environment they’re comfortable in.

How We Administer an ADHD Assessment Melbourne

We carry out assessments during weekends, evenings and school holidays.


You may have noticed that your child is not getting enough sleep or might have noticed they are getting too much. Perhaps they are just having a bad day – yet again. Maybe they have had too much sugar, and that is why they are unable to still – or maybe . . . maybe it’s simply ADHD. If you want to be sure and find out for yourself by having them undergo an ADHD assessment Melbourne, we can help. At Educational Assessments, our psychologists compare performance to individuals of a similar age. These subjects are tested internationally, and the resulting report provides appropriate comparative data.


However, the ultimate goal of an ADHD assessment Melbourne is to communicate solutions. These are offered to both the individual in question and whoever has an interest in assisting them further. Such figures include parents, teachers or those who are working towards the educational outcomes for the child. An ADHD assessment Melbourne can usually be arranged within two weeks. Our educational psychologists carry out assessments during weekends, evenings and school holidays. Testing is typically completed within one2one sessions and take approximately two to three hours. The reports themselves take nine hours to complete, which we then aim to finalise within twenty working days.

ADHD Assessment Melbourne

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We test children, adolescents, adults, and we can test YOU . . .

At Educational Assessments, our psychologists are able to carry out full cognitive assessments. These provide essential learning and performance data, with an aim to bolster support. If you believe that you or a loved one is struggling, get in touch. We have extensive coverage across Australia. Our team of expert consultants conduct home visits to assess you or your child and evaluate the patient’s learning needs to succeed.


Our assessments evaluate an extensive range of learning, social and emotional issues. The knowledge gleaned from the assessment and report will allow you to make informed choices. These will offer up the best way forwards to suit you or your child’s learning needs.


We offer clear jargon-free advice, consistent personal support and the full value of our expertise. If you are looking for an ADHD Assessment Melbourne and are in need of advice, don’t delay. Simply get in touch today. 

We can test if you or your child has:








Learning Disorders


Emotional and Behavioural Disorders


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